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Shuswap Houses for Sale 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to relocate or invest in real estate in the beautiful region of Shuswap? Shuswap Houses for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide will provide you with valuable insights into the housing market of Salmon Arm and its surrounding communities. In this guide, you will explore the current trends, housing variety, living costs, educational opportunities, recreational activities, community services, home-buying tips, seller's strategies, investment potentials, and a forecast for the real estate market in 2024.

Nestled in the heart of British Columbia's scenic Shuswap Region, Salmon Arm emerges as a hidden gem in the Canadian real estate landscape, offering a diverse and dynamic market that caters to a broad demographic of various ethnicities and cultural heritage.  Known for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant community life, and a unique blend of rural charm and urban convenience, Salmon Arm is recognized as a "Lifestyle Community" and enjoys steady market growth. Shuswap Lake is a major recreational destination, offering over 400 kilometers of shoreline with more than 20 provincial parks. Salmon Arm remains an attractive investment option, enriched by its community spirit, outdoor activities, and promising future developments making it a unique and desirable location in the heart of British Columbia.

The Salmon Arm housing market has undergone substantial transformation in the past couple of years. As your local Realtor, I recognize the importance of providing a comprehensive analysis of market trends and statistics to facilitate informed decision-making for prospective buyers and sellers.  

1. Salmon Arm Real Estate Pulse: Trends, Statistics, and Influencing Factors

Looking back, for the first half of 2023, single family residential sales outperformed 2022, despite the BOC interest rate hikes. However, the market took a significant turn mid-July with the onset of the devastating Bush Creek Wildfire that destroyed some 270 structures and causing more than $240 million in damages. Interestingly, the total number of sold units in 2023 matched 2022, underlining the local market's resilience despite broader economic challenges.

With an end-of-year inventory of 85 units and a 4.36 months supply, the market was in balanced territory, despite 6.5% fewer listings in 2023. The absorption rate of 19.5 average sales/month. The overall sales volume was just slightly down from the previous year at $175,779,198, while average Days On Market (DOM) for sale increased from 46 to 64 days, indicating a slower turnover rate. Sellers had to be more flexible to meet with a sale, giving up nearly 5% off the asking price to meet with a sale likely due to the higher interest rates/wildfires or the specific characteristics of available properties. Data has been compiled from the Association of Interior REALTORS.

Here are the latest comparative MLS statistics for Single Family Residential Detached houses in Salmon Arm for January 2024.

Metrics Jan 2023 Jan 2024 +/-%
Sold Listings 10 12 20.00%
New Listings 18 20 11.11%
Average List Price 686,070 712,633 3.87%
Average Sale Price 631,000 683,760 8.36%
Average Percent of Selling Price to List Price 91.99% 95.87% 4.21%
Average Days on Market to Sale 103.6 79.17 -23.58%
End of Month Inventory 67 82 22.39%
Months Supply of Inventory 3.53 4.17 18.24%


2. Exploring Salmon Arm's Neighborhoods: Charm, Amenities, and Pricing Insights

Salmon Arm, offers a diverse array of neighborhoods each with its unique charm, amenities, and pricing insights. Gleneden and North Broadview present a serene, rural atmosphere, ideal for those seeking tranquility and space. Raven and Canoe, with their proximity to Shuswap Lake, attract outdoor enthusiasts and families looking for recreational activities. South Broadview and Hillcrest are known for their family-friendly environments and community-focused amenities. South Canoe offers a blend of rural and urban living, appealing to those who appreciate nature without being far from city conveniences. The Foothills area combines spacious properties with easy access to amenities like Piccadilly Mall, Blackburn Park, and the fairgrounds, which hosts the annual Roots and Blues music festival. Downtown and Harbourfront areas are the heart of Salmon Arm, offering a vibrant community life with easy access to shops, restaurants, and cultural events like Wednesday's on the Warf open-air summertime concert series.

The residential real estate market in Salmon Arm has demonstrated resilience in the past year, with average home prices remaining largely stable despite some modest fluctuations. The Northwest (NW) quadrant, which encompasses the Gleneden neighborhood, continues to command the highest benchmark price, currently at approximately $870,000. This area has historically been the most expensive in Salmon Arm. The Northeast (NE) quadrant, including North Broadview, Raven, and Canoe, typically offers the most affordable homes, with a current benchmark price of around $622,000. The Southeast (SE) quadrant, comprising South Broadview, Hillcrest, and South Canoe, has a benchmark price of approximately $697,000. The Southwest (SW) quadrant, encompassing the Foothills area, has a benchmark price of around $704,000, making it comparable to the SE quadrant in terms of affordability.

The MLS Home Price Index (HPI) is designed to provide a consistent and accurate measure of home price trends in a given area. Unlike average or median price measures, which can fluctuate significantly from month to month and may not accurately reflect the market's overall movement, the HPI offers a more stable and reliable gauge of home price levels and trends. This stability is achieved by focusing on the price changes of homes with similar attributes over time, thereby offering an "apples to apples" comparison. Below is the HPI for the 4 quadrants of Salmon Arm.

Whether seeking an investment property or a family home, Salmon Arm's mix of allure, amenities, and pricing caters to a variety of preferences and budgets.


3. Housing in the Shuswap: Housing Types and Government Regulations

The Shuswap real estate landscape is diverse, offering housing that caters to every need and lifestyle whether you're a first-time homebuyer, upsizer, downsizer, family, retiree, or investor. The market ranges from snug log cabins imbued with rustic charm, to opulent lakeside estates that promise luxury amidst nature's splendor.

Source: 2021CensusProfile

For young professionals, modern condos and townhouses at Harbourfront, to trendy townhomes, there are plenty of housing options.  With a bustling arts scene, local cidaries, and a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing and water sports, Salmon Arm offers the perfect balance of work and play.

Families looking to settle down in a safe and family-friendly environment will find Salmon Arm to be an ideal choice. With top-rated schools, parks, and recreational facilities, as well as a strong sense of community spirit, there's housing options to fit.

For retirees seeking a tranquil and relaxing retirement destination, will find both Blind Bay and Salmon Arm offer a range of retirement living options, including senior-friendly condos, townhomes, and retirement communities. 

Investors looking to capitalize on the growing real estate market in the Shuswap area will find plenty of opportunities in Sicamous, the House Boat Capital of Canada. With a steady influx of new residents and tourists drawn to the region's natural beauty and recreational offerings, investing in rental properties or vacation homes can provide a lucrative income stream and long-term appreciation potential.

Provincially, Bill 44 – Housing Statutes (Residential Development) Amendment Act of 2023, introduces significant changes aimed at increasing housing density and availability across British Columbia. It mandates that all communities permit either one secondary suite or one accessory dwelling unit, enhancing housing options. For municipalities with over 5,000 residents within urban containment boundaries, the bill stipulates the allowance of three to four units on lots originally zoned for single-family or duplex use, and up to six units on larger lots near frequent-service transit stops. Additionally, it requires the integration of Housing Needs Reports (HNRs), Official Community Plans (OCPs), and zoning regulations to address and plan for 20-year housing needs, while also streamlining the development process by minimizing one-off public hearings for projects that conform to OCP guidelines.

The City of Salmon Arm supports housing diversity and affordability through policies emphasizing infilling, densification, and housing diversity. Currently secondary suites are encouraged as a means to achieve these goals, with R8 zoning regulations in place to facilitate their development. Additionally, new legislation under Bill 44 will be forthcomeing to allow up to 4 Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing (SSMUH) units to be build on single-family and duplex parcels.

Similarly, the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) is working on a proposal to amend zoning rules to allow for Secondary Dwelling Units (SDUs) in all areas governed by zoning bylaws. This initiative aims to diversify housing options in response to varying needs and lifestyles, particularly in tourist-driven economies where the clash between permanent and seasonal housing demands is pronounced. SDUs, which include facilities like private bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces, offer a solution for affordable rental housing while maintaining privacy and independence for occupants. They can be either attached to or detached from the main residence, catering to extended families, caregivers, or tenants.


4. Salmon Arm Demographics, Cost of Living and In-Flow Migration

Demographics such as population growth, age, and household income are all data points that have a direct impact on housing demand and property values. 

British Columbia is home to four of the five fastest-growing large urban centres in Canada from 2016 to 2021:

+10.0% for Nanaimo

+12.1% for Chilliwack 

+10.0% for Kamloops

+14.0% for Kelowna 

Salmon Arm has had a consistent increase in population over the last two decades. The population growth rate for Salmon Arm from 2016 to 2021 was + 9.7%.

The following demographic data comes from Townfolio community profile information for Salmon Arm.

The population is not uniformly distributed among different age groups. Notably, there is a peak in the "Ages 60-64" category, and conversely, the "Ages 20-24" group has the fewest individuals, which could suggest a number of social dynamics, including young adults moving away for education or other work opportunities.

In 2021 the local median age was 51.6, approximately 9 years older than the Provincial average of 43 and continues to be the trend as people choose to retire in the Shuswap.

There's a certain degree of affluence in Salmon Arm, or at least a significant presence of wealth within the community, when compared to the provincial average, particularly in the middle-income ranges.

Comparing the labour force distribution by industry in Salmon Arm to the provincial labour force in British Columbia, several the following insights emerge:

  1. Agriculture: Salmon Arm has a proportionally larger agricultural workforce (5.22%) compared to the provincial average (2.32%). This suggests a strong agricultural sector, likely due to the rural nature and fertile lands of the region.
  2. Mining: The mining sector in Salmon Arm also employs a higher percentage of the workforce (1.80%) than the BC average (0.96%), which could indicate more mining related jobs in the area relative to the province as a whole.
  3. Construction and Manufacturing: Salmon Arm has a higher percentage in manufacturing (7.52%) compared to BC (5.87%). This suggests that manufacturing is a more significant industry in Salmon Arm than Provincially.
  4. Retail: Retail employment in Salmon Arm makes up a larger portion of the local labour force (14.43%) compared to the province (11.57%), which could be due to shopping local habits and a thriving small business sector.
  5. Professional Services: There's a notable difference in professional services, with Salmon Arm having 5.95% of its workforce in this sector, while the province has a higher figure at 9.17%. This discrepancy might reflect the urban concentration of professional services in larger cities compared to smaller communities.
  6. Health Care: Health care in Salmon Arm is a significant employer, constituting 13.70% of the local workforce compared to 12.27% provincially. This could reflect a focus on healthcare services within the community due to aging population requiring more healthcare services.
  7. Arts & Entertainment: Salmon Arm has a higher percentage of its labour force in arts & entertainment (2.75%) than the provincial average (2.33%), indicating a vibrant cultural scene.
  8. Accommodation: The accommodation sector in Salmon Arm is quite strong, with 7.02% of the labour force employed in this industry, very close to the provincial average of 6.99%. This might suggest a robust tourism sector.
  9. Public Administration: Public administration jobs in Salmon Arm make up a smaller percentage of the workforce (3.71%) compared to the province (5.48%), which could be due to the larger scale of government services in urban centres.

The cost of living - the amount of income needed to sustain a standard of living and to cover basic expenses in Salmon Arm varies based on lifestyle choices and needs, with common components including housing, food, transportation, and childcare.  The cost of living index shown below is based on a national average of 100, based off 2020 data from Statistics Canada as compiled by Areavibes.

Index Salmon Arm British Columbia National
Cost of living 92 123 100
Goods and Services 110 110 100
Groceries 102 102 100
Health Care 102 102 100
Transportation 102 102 100
Utilities 103 103 100

The average cost of living per month for a single person who rents in Salmon Arm is $3,714 (Career Beacon) when you consider factors such as the cost of housing, transportation, groceries, and entertainment...

The composite benchmark HPI in British Columbia is currently around $950,000, primarily influenced by house prices in urban centers like the Lower Mainland, Vancouver and Victoria.  The composite benchmark HPI in Salmon Arm shown below, are significantly lower than the Provincial average.

Salmon Arm, a city in British Columbia, has a significant portion of home buyers come from Vancouver, with a rate of 13% as compared to other cities as shown below. Salmon Arm's vibrant economic environment has attracted job seekers and the best talent, leading high-tech companies, advanced manufacturing firms, and agri-tech businesses (SAEDS). The city's natural beauty, including the stunning Shuswap Lake, is another draw for people looking for a peaceful and scenic place to live. This could be particularly appealing for those seeking a break from the bustling city life of Vancouver (Salmon Arm Official Website).  The cost of living in Salmon Arm could be more affordable compared to Vancouver, making it an attractive destination for those looking to relocate. 

5. Educational Foundations: A Guide to Salmon Arm's Schools and Beyond

Salmon Arm caters to diverse educational needs and styles. With eight elementary schools, residents have ample choice for their children's foundational years. The city's unique middle school and the dual-campus secondary school further accommodate growing minds. Families seeking non-traditional routes have access to private institutions, pre-schools, and homeschooling networks, ensuring personalized learning journeys. For specialized learning, Salmon Arm presents both early and late French immersion programs, as well as an innovative outdoor school fostering a connection with nature while learning.

Post-secondary ambitions are met by Okanagan College's Salmon Arm campus, which broadens local career paths through a suite of programs from trades to continuing education.


Salmon Arm falls under School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap) and parents are encouraged to check out their website for more information for Outdoor Learning, French Immersion and Indigenous Education options etc...

  • Elementary Schools

    • Bastion Elementary (K-5)
    • Hillcrest Elementary (K-5)
    • North Canoe Elementary (K-5)
    • Ranchero Elementary (K-8)
    • Salmon Arm West Elementary (K-5)
    • Silver Creek Elementary (K-8)
    • South Broadview Elementary (K-5)
    • South Canoe Elementary (K-8)

    Middle School

    • Shuswap Middle School (6-8)

    Secondary Schools

    • Salmon Arm Secondary - Jackson Campus (9-10)
    • Salmon Arm Secondary - Sullivan Campus (11-12)

    Alternative Programs

    • Salmon Arm Storefront School (Special Education)
    • Anchor Academy (Independent)
    • Education Outreach Program

    Other Educational Institutions

    • King's Christian School (K-12 - Independent Christian School)

Important Considerations

  • School Enrollment: Contact the schools directly or visit the School District No.83 website ( to learn about the specific programs, their availability, and enrollment.
  • School Catchment Areas: Be aware that your residential address typically determines which school your child can attend.


Post-Secondary: Okanagan College

Okanagan College has a campus in Salmon Arm, offering various programs:

  • University Transfer: Courses to transfer into a bachelor's degree program at another institution.
  • Continuing Studies: Professional development courses and certificates, upskilling, reskilling and general interest courses.
  • Trades: Programs like carpentry, electrical, plumbing, dual credit programs.
  • Health and Social Development: Nursing, Early Childhood Education, and more.
  • Business: Applied Degree, Diploma and certificate programs in business-related areas.


6. Discover Salmon Arm: A Vibrant Blend of Outdoor Adventures, Cultural Events, and Local Delights

Take a plunge into the recreational heart of Salmon Arm, where Shuswap Lake beckons with its crystal-clear waters. This paradise caters to aquaphiles offering swimming, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, waterskiing, and the thrill of wakeboarding. With the longest freshwater wooden wharf in North America, the city is a launchpad for endless adventures.

For those who prefer land, Salmon Arm is a treasure chest of trails and parks. Delve into scenic escapes like Marine Peace Park and McGuire Lake Park, or hit the trails at Park Hill and Little Mountain. Canoe Beach invites sun-lovers and picnickers alike. Just beyond the city, snowmobiling at Fly Hills and peaceful cross-country skiing at Larch Hills await the winter-sport enthusiasts.

With a history steeped in the traditions of the Secwépemc people and a legacy of celebrated visits from royalty to prime ministers, Salmon Arm melds cultural richness with its outdoor allure. Whether you're lounging at a campsite or exploring the great outdoors, this city is a sanctuary for nature and adventure lovers. Immerse yourself in Salmon Arm's vibrant outdoor scene, where each trail, beach, and lake creates a story waiting to be lived.

Now, let’s delve into some of the exciting things you can do in Salmon Arm:

  • Walk the Largest Wooden Wharf in North America: Stroll along Salmon Arm’s historic wooden wharf, taking in the views of the lake and surrounding mountains.
  • Discover DeMille’s Farm Market: Sample fresh produce, local goods, and perhaps even pick up some artisanal treats.
  • Walk to Margaret Falls in Harold’s Provincial Park: Explore the stunning Margaret Falls, accessible via various trails in Harold’s Provincial Park. The journey takes you through old-growth forests, over bridges, and eventually leads to the magical waterfall.
  • Relax at Canoe Beach: Enjoy a leisurely day at Canoe Beach, complete with sandy shores, picnic tables, and even a concession stand. Take a refreshing swim in the clear waters of Shuswap Lake.
  • Attend the Roots and Blues Music Festival: The annual Roots and Blues Festival in Salmon Arm is a must-attend event. Held in July, it features live music across multiple stages, spanning various genres. From blues to pop, Latin to funk, and country to calypso, this festival celebrates the joy of live music. Check out this year's line up
  • Wednesdays on the Wharf (WOW): This open-air summertime concert series takes place at Salmon Arm’s Marine Peace Park. People of all ages gather to enjoy live music, soak up the evening sun, and meet friends.
  • Use the Shuswap Trail Alliance and Go Hiking: This organization fosters a healthy, engaged community in the Shuswap region through well-designed, maintained, and promoted trails. Whether you’re into hiking, mountain biking, or exploring nature, the Shuswap Trail Alliance connects people, culture, and landscape. The Shuswap offers some stellar hiking opportunities. 
  • Indulge at the Shuswap Pie Company: Treat your taste buds to delicious pies and baked goods at this local gem. 
  • Explore this local cidaries and wineries such as: Shuswap Cider, Northyards Cider, Larch Hills Winery, Marionette Winery, Sunnybrea Winery
  • Hit the Nordic Trails: Strap on your cross-country skis or snowshoes and explore the scenic Larch Hills Nordic trails during winter. 
  • Visit the Downtown Salmon Arm Farmers Market: Held at Ross Street Plaza, this market provides a bounty of Shuswap food and beverages. Shop local Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm
  • Mountain Biking at South Canoe Trails and Rubberhead: Explore the fantastic mountain biking trails in the South Canoe Trail System and Rubberhead. These trails offer thrilling rides through beautiful landscapes, making them a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Enjoy an Open Air Play at RJ Haney Heritage Village: Visit Haney Heritage Village for a unique experience. Enjoy an open-air play against the backdrop of historical buildings and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the area.
  • Go golfing at one of the main epic golf courses including: Salmon Arm Golf Club, Shuswap National, Canoe Creek, Shuswap Lake, Talking Rock, Hyde Mountain and so on...
  • …and much more! Salmon Arm is brimming with hidden treasures waiting to be explored. 

So, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie, or a culture seeker, Salmon Arm promises an unforgettable experience.

7. Home-Buying Process: Practical Tips and Tricks for Navigating Shuswap Market

Here's a guide with practical steps for home buyers in the Shuswap.

Understanding the Shuswap

Diverse Communities: The Shuswap offers a mix of Cities and towns (Salmon Arm, Sicamous) and smaller unincorporated areas (Blind Bay, Sorrento, Tappen...). Consider your needs for amenities, proximity to services, and desired lifestyle when choosing a location.

Property Types: You'll find everything from lakefront homes, acreages, condos, and more. This variety means there's something for everyone but requires focused searches.

Seasonal Market: The Shuswap market is busiest in the spring and summer. Winter may offer opportunities for motivated sellers with less competition.

Pre-Purchase Preparation

Mortgage Pre-Approval: Obtain pre-approval to establish your price range, demonstrating your seriousness as a buyer.

Budgeting: Go beyond the purchase price. Factor in property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and any additional fees specific to your chosen property (strata fees, etc.) as well as any renovations you may want to complete.

Prioritize Your Needs: Clearly define what you want (lake access, bedrooms, acreage) vs. what you'd like but could compromise on.  Come with an open mind and stay flexible.

The Property Hunt

Engage a Local Realtor: A Shuswap-based agent offers market knowledge and access to broader listings than just online searches provide.

Online Tools: Utilize, and local brokerage sites to research actively listed and recently sold properties.

Be Responsive: In a competitive market, desirable properties move quickly. Be prepared for viewings and submitting offers within a short timeframe.

Making the Offer

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): Your agent will present recent sales data on similar properties, guiding your suggested offer price.

Contract of Purchase and Sale (CPS): Your Realtor will write up the contract, which is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the real estate transaction between the buyer and seller. The CPS includes important details such as the purchase price, the deposit amount, the closing date, the parties involved, and any conditions that must be met before the sale can be completed... It also outlines the responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller, such as the buyer's obligation to purchase the property and the seller's obligation to deliver the property in good condition.

Subject Conditions: Typical conditions the buyer could include: financing, home inspection, review of Title, home insurance, septic and water inspections, review of strata documents, and mobile home park acceptance etc... along with the subject removal timeline, which is approximately 2 weeks. Work with your agent to tailor these to your needs.

Deposit: A deposit demonstrates good faith. The amount varies, but your agent will advise as to an appropriate amount.  The deposit can be due within a set time after an accepted offer, or after final subject removal.

Finalizing the Purchase

Due Diligence: Complete all the necessary steps to ensure you can move forward: your home inspection, review title documents, and ensure your mortgage financing etc... is approved within the agreed timelines.

Subject Removals: Once conditions are met, you 'remove subjects' making the sale firm and binding.  You'll be expected to complete the sale.

Legal Representation: Hire a lawyer or notary public to finalize paperwork, convey the transfer land title, and handle the disbursement of funds.  They will have you into their office to sign everything prior to the completion date.

Completion and Possession Dates:  As per the dates specified in the CPS, the completion date is when the Title of the property is transferred from the seller to the buyer and the purchase price funds are transferred to the seller  The Possession Date and Time is when you can actually move into your new home.

Welcome Home: Your New Shuswap Life Begins

Essential Utilities & Services:

  • Power & Water Set-Up: Before your move-in date, contact the local utility companies to establish service in your name. Find out if the seller has left accounts connected and can easily be transferred, or if opening new accounts is necessary.
  • Beyond the Essentials: Consider other services you'll need, like internet, cable/satellite TV, and garbage/recycling collection. Research providers and arrange connections to ensure everything is ready shortly after you arrive.
  • Septic or Well-Information: If your new home isn't on municipal services, get educated! If there's a septic system, go over the manual for proper usage. If your home has a well, consider testing your water and how to properly maintain your water system.

Transitional Details:

  • Mail Forwarding: Set up Canada Post mail forwarding from your old address to ensure a smooth transition. This is especially vital for time-sensitive documents.  You will need proof of ownership to obtain new keys for your mailbox.
  • Address Updates Galore: Proactively notify banks, credit card companies, subscriptions, government agencies, and other service providers about your new address. 
  • New Doctor, Dentist, etc.: Begin researching doctors, dentists, and other health providers in your new area well before the move. Getting appointments for new patients can take time.
  • Get the Kids Enrolled in School: Contact SD 83 as soon as possible.

Move-In Day Logistics

  • Cleaning Options: You might want a light clean, even if the previous owners did a move-out clean. This lets you start putting your own stamp on the space. Decide if you'll do this yourself or schedule a cleaning service in advance.
  • Essential Supplies: Pack a "first night" box with essentials like toiletries, bedding, a few dishes, and basic tools. This avoids scrambling through boxes when you're exhausted post-move.
  • Change the Locks: For peace of mind, consider scheduling a locksmith to rekey the locks or change them entirely after taking possession...

Welcome to the Shuswap!

8. Seller's Strategy: Your Guide to a Successful Home Sale in the Shuswap

Having the right selling strategy is crucial when placing your property on the market. The key is to partner with a real estate professional who not only has a deep understanding of the local market but also commits to aligning with your unique goals. Whether it's to downsize or transition to a new chapter, with a dedicated agent on your side will make all the difference.

Client testimonials often shine a light on the value of patience and dedication in a Realtor. The glowing reviews underscore the significance of personalized service that adeptly guides sellers through each step they take.

Accurate Pricing Strategy

  • CMAs are your friend: Don't just guess at a price! I'll provide a Comparative Market Analysis, showing what truly similar homes (size, features, location) recently sold for. This grounds your pricing strategy in reality and sets realistic expectations.
  • Overpricing backfires: Pricing too high scares off buyers and can lead to your home sitting on the market longer too long or not selling at all.  As time passes, potential buyers become more suspicious of why the property hasn't sold, leading them to wonder if there is something wrong with it.  While issues with the home itself may sometimes be the reason for it not selling, it usually comes down to price.  If your home has been sitting on the market longer than the Average Days On Market then it's time to consult your Realtor and seriously consider a price reduction.

Preparation and Presentation

  • First impressions are everything: Declutter ruthlessly, make any needed repairs, and consider neutral paint colors. This helps buyers picture themselves there, not you.
  • Pro photos are non-negotiable: Great photos sell homes. I'll arrange a professional shoot, plus a virtual tour - most buyers will see your listing online first.
  • Staging can pay off: If your home is empty, or your furniture very dated, sometimes staging your home can yield a huge return on investment.
  • Mover Research is Key: Book reliable movers as early as possible, especially during peak moving seasons. Get multiple quotes, check insurance coverage, and read online reviews to ensure your belongings are handled with care.
  • Plan for What Stays, What Goes: Decide early which appliances, fixtures, furniture will be included in the sale and what you are taking.  Consider selling or donating unwanted items to the good will or re-use center.

Marketing and Exposure

  • Your listing is your ad: Beyond the MLS, I'll craft a detailed listing description that highlights your home's best features and the Shuswap lifestyle.
  • Social media matters: I'll target promotion to reach buyers looking specifically in your area, not just general browsers.

Legal Documentation and Disclosures

  • Transparency is vital: BC has specific disclosure requirements. I'll guide you through everything needed so there are no surprises later.
  • Condition affects value: Buyers will do an inspection; being upfront about any known issues builds trust and protects you in the long run.

Negotiation Techniques

  • It's not just the price: Terms like closing dates, included items and appliances, etc., can sway a deal. I'll help you assess each offer holistically.
  • Counter-offers are normal: Be prepared to negotiate, but make sure your Realtor knows your bottom line in advance.
  • Expect a few bumps: Delays  and changes happen, we'll tackle them together to minimize stress and ensure things stay on track for a successful closing.

After The Buyer Removes Their Subject Conditions

Congratulations!  Your home is now SOLD

  • Our team: I'll coordinate with your legal representation, the buyer's team, and get all the paperwork over to them for the conveyance.
  • Don't Cancel Insurance Too Soon: Maintain your homeowners insurance until after the closing is complete and the ownership has officially transferred. This protects you in case of unforeseen incidents. Schedule the cancellation to take effect the day after closing.
  • The Final Deep Clean: Whether you hire a professional cleaning service or do it yourself, schedule a deep clean of the home for after your possessions are moved out.
  • Utilities Disconnect: Contact your utility providers in advance to schedule service termination. Provide them with your closing date and a forwarding address for final bills.
  • Mail Forwarding: Set up mail forwarding with Canada Post well ahead of the closing date to avoid any important document delays.
  • Address Change: Start notifying essential services like banks, subscriptions, and government agencies of your new address in advance.

Good luck and best wishes on your next Chapter!

9. Investing in Salmon Arm: Changing Regulatory Landscape and Insights

Salmon Arm offers a range of investment opportunities in the real estate market, supported by its growing population, stable property values, and robust local economy. However, investors should be advised there are significant regulatory changes coming, that will require a change in strategy before making any investment decisons. 

The BC government is actively focused on increasing housing supply and affordability and investors should expect a more regulated environment moving forward. Understanding and staying updated on provincial-level legislation that impacts investment properties is more crucial than ever - connect with local realtors, city planners, and tax specialists for the latest insights.  On that note,  the City of Salmon Arm is currently undergoing an update to the Official Community Plan which guide the overall vision and future vison for the community and how it's developed.

Here's a few things investors will want to take into account:

1. Short-Term Rental Accomodations Act

Legislation has been enacted to give local governments stronger enforcement tools for their short-term rental bylaws, return short-term rentals to the the long-term rental market.  Under the new rules, when passed, British Columbians will legally only be able to rent out a primary residence and one more additional secondary suite as a short-term rental.

2. Speculation Tax

Salmon Arm homeowners will be included in the expansion of the Speculation Tax... However, more than 99% of B.C. residents are exempt from the tax. The Government insists that it means a greater focus on ensuring properties are used for residential purposes and contribute to easing the local housing shortage. Those who own properties that are not their primary residence or are not rented out long-term may need to reconsider their property's usage to avoid the tax. The overall aim is to enhance housing availability and affordability in the region.

3. BC Home Flipping Tax

The government announced a new BC Home Flipping Tax starting January 1, 2025. The tax will apply to any profit made from selling a residential property within two years of purchase. If sold within one year, the tax rate on the gain will be 20 percent. The tax rate will decrease over the second year and be zero after two years.

Exemptions from the flipping tax will be granted for specific life circumstances, such as divorce, death, involuntary job loss, disability, etc. Additional exemptions will be available for housing supply and real estate development purposes.

It is important to note that this tax will apply in addition to other taxes that are incurred with the sale of a residential property. This includes taxes incurred from the Federal Government’s residential property flipping rule.  BCREA economics department estimates this tax will decrease home sales by between 1-2 percent over a three-year period. Houses prices and housing attainability are likely to be essentially unchanged.

Adaptation is Key

Investors who thrive in the Salmon Arm market will be those who proactively adapt their strategies to these changing regulations. Successful investing has always hinged on thorough research and due diligence, but now more so than ever. Investors should factor the tax implications into their calculations when evaluating potential projects and analyze the need to hold a property for longer period to achieve profitability. Strategies could involve transitioning from flips to longer-term renovations with value-add improvements, shifting from short-term rentals to finding long-term tenants, investing in development-friendly properties, and investigating commercial real estate options.

10. 2024 Real Estate Forecast: What to look for this year


According to the CREA Housing Market Analysis, home sales increased by 3.7% month over month in January, with the number of newly listed properties also rising by 1.5%. These trends are contributing to a further tightening of the market on a national scale. The average national home price was up 7.16% over the same time last year, but it's worth noting that the influence has largely been from the big expensive markets like Hamilton, Montreal and Vancouver.  A better indicator is the National Composite MLS Home Price Index which was only up 0.4% in January.  The Home Price Index (HPI) is an indicator published by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) to estimate an adjusted price for a typical home in a region. Given that the Average Sale Price is vulnerable to shifts in the composition of sales, the HPI adjusts for this by estimating the price of a fixed ‘composite’ unit across time. This removes composition biases and provides a smoother estimate of the price in a region across time. 

The National home sales and price outlook from TD Economics is summarized below.


The British Columbia real estate market is poised for a recovery in 2024, following a period of adjustment to changing economic conditions. The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) forecasts a 7.8% increase in MLS® residential sales to 78,775 units this year, with a further rise anticipated in 2025 to 86,475 units. This outlook is underpinned by a recent decline in fixed mortgage rates and the potential for Bank of Canada rate cuts, fostering an optimistic environment for the housing market. A delicate balance between rising sales and normalizing inventories is expected to lead to stable prices throughout the year.

Historical Average Home Prices in British Columbia

British Columbia Chilliwack Fraser Valley Greater Vancouver Okanagan Kamloops Kootenay South Peace Northern BC Powell River Vancouver Island Victoria


 Image Source:

In February 2024, the BCREA Housing Market Update highlighted optimism in the market, with a focus on how economic and policy shifts are shaping the real estate landscape in BC.  According to Central 1 Economics, the combination of latent demand, population growth, delayed household formation, and declining financing costs may drive an increase in home sales through the year and into 2025. However, affordability challenges will restrict price growth.

The Bank of Canada is expected to lower its policy rate this year due to progress in bringing inflation back down, alongside a softening in economic growth and employment. This is could potentially result in higher number home sales. Despite ongoing economic risks, BCREA anticipates that new listings will return to normal levels after experiencing decreased activity last year.

In summary, the BC real estate market is on the cusp of recovery, buoyed by economic resilience, policy adjustments, and demographic trends. While challenges remain, particularly in terms of affordability and inventory, the overall trend points towards growth and stabilization in 2024.


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